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FILE - In this Aug. 10, 2004 file photo, President George W. Bush, left, is introduced by his brother Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, right, at  'Ask President Bush' ...
George W Bush had many advantages in Florida from the outset. On election night, Bush cousin John Ellis manned the Fox election desk and spoke with his cousin six times that night. Ellis prematurely called the election for Bush. NBC, possibly prodded by GE CEO Jack Welch, quickly followed, which began the chain reaction of declaring George W. Bush the next president of the United States. His brother JEB was governor of the Sunshine State and his state campaign chairman Katherine Harris was responsible for seeing that the votes were counted fairly. The decision to purge illegal voters from the voter rolls were made before Katherine Harris became Secretary of State. Her predecessor, another Republican, hired a firm to do the job for $5,700. That operator was later fired, and an initial contract was given to a Georgia firm for a fee of $2,317,800.
Running for president as part of a family dynasty is presenting former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush with inevitable comparisons to his father and brother that he must address as he moves closer to a campaign for the White House. Today he will attempt to separate his views from theirs during a Chicago speech
Running for president as part of a family dynasty is presenting former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush with inevitable comparisons to his father and brother that he must address as he moves closer to a campaign for the White House. Today he will attempt to separate his views from theirs during a Chicago speech
In his brother's shadow: Jeb, right, said he loves his older brother George, center, 'but I am my own man'
In his brother's shadow: Jeb, right, will say in his speech today that he loves his older brother George, center, 'but I am my own man'
Secretary of State Harris and her assistants said a “fire wall” had been built between her office and that of Governor Jeb Bush. The governor publicly recused himself from the matter. Harris brought in Dan Schnut, an out-of-state Republican operative, to help her manage the vote count. However, telephone records revealed constant contact between Bush and Harris. Frank Jiminez, quickly resigned as the governor’s acting counsel, so he could be in constant touch with Harris and direct the partisan operations of her office. Five other top Bush operatives temporarily resigned so they could assist Jimenes.

Trump to Jeb: 9/11 was your brother's fault!
US Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump continues to expose the Bush family’s role in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in an effort to destroy Jeb Bush’s campaign, an American scholar and political analyst says.
Dr. Kevin BarrettVeterans Today Editor and a founding member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Sunday while commenting on a heated exchange between Bush and Trump during the ninth Republican presidential debate on Saturday night.
Trump blamed Jeb’s brother, former US President George W. Bush, for the collapse of the World Trade Center and the death of 3,000 Americans in New York on September 11, 2001.
“The World Trade Center came down during your brother’s reign, remember that,” Trump said, after Jeb declared that he was “sick and tired of him going after my family.”
Marco Rubio jumped in by saying “at least on behalf of me and my family, I thank God all the time it was George W. Bush in the White House on 9/11 and not Al Gore. And you can — I think you can look back in hindsight and say a couple of things, but he kept us safe.”
“How did he keep us safe when the World Trade Center — the World — excuse me. I lost hundreds of friends. The World Trade Center came down during the reign of George Bush. He kept us safe? That is not safe. That is not safe, Marco. That is not safe,” Trump roared back.
Trump’s controlled demolition of Jeb campaign
“Donald Trump is continuing with his controlled demolition of the campaign of Jeb Bush by continuing to raise the issue of George W. Bush’s responsibility — or some would say guilt — for what happened on September 11th 2001,” Dr. Barrett said.
“That was an explosive debate exchange in more ways than one, because what Donald Trump was alluding to was the explosive controlled demolition of the three skyscrapers in New York on September 11th 2001,” he stated.
"Explosive" is the right word
“Explosive” is the right word
The analyst said 9/11 was “a coup d’etat, an inside job, a covert operation, a false flag event — however you want to term it. It was conducted by insiders working with the Israelis to eventually take the US to war with Israel’s enemies in the Middle East. And this was done under the watch of George W. Bush, whose brother, Jeb, participated in the crime.”
Jeb is part of CIA drug smuggling cabal
“Jeb actually flew into the Florida airstrips, which were in fact CIA drug import airstrips, according to the very careful and well-documented research of Daniel Hopsicker. And he absconded with the evidence that these were not actual flight schools, where the official story tells us that these were flight schools to train the alleged 9/11 hijackers. But actually they were not functioning flight schools,” Dr. Barrett said.
“So it’s very clear that Jeb Bush is part of the same CIA drug smuggling cabal as his brother and father. These are the people who conspired with the Israelis to blow up the World Trade Center, murder 3,000 people on September 11th, to take the US to into an eternal war footing primarily against the enemies of Israel, but also of course they doubled the military budget,” he pointed out.
“So, Donald Trump keeps poking this sore spot on Jeb Bush’s anatomy. He continues to rattle Jeb Bush in these debates, and what happened last night I hope is just the beginning of some even more frank talk from Donald Trump about what really happened on September 11th, how the wars are all completely fraudulent, and how the United States needs to rebuild its own infrastructure and economy and mind its own business,” concluded Dr. Barrett, editor of ANOTHER French False Flag and We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo and scholar of Arabic and Islamic studies.
Allied intelligence communities, including George John Tenet, former Director of the CIA, presented this plan to members of a secret society, which is an extremely powerful International group, and has bragged that 11 of the last 12 United States Presidents have been its members. Additionally, several modern monarchs have also been inducted into this secret society, recently.
President Bush’s cabinet which included Vice President Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and defense officials Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and brother Jeb Bush, were all neo-cons and founding members of the PNAC. With Bush as president, his neo-con advisers now set out to implement this
Landing on an aircraft carrier, Bush prematurely declares mission accomplished in Iraq.
imperialistic PNAC plan for world domination. They created a list of enemies which they named the “Axis of Evil” that was comprised of North Korea, Iran and Iraq, and a second tier of enemies consisting of Syria, Afghanistan, Cuba and Libya. The neo-cons viewed these countries as military targets to be attacked and their governments overthrown. Once this was accomplished, new and obedient leaders were to be installed. The attack on the Twin Towers in 2001 facilitated this aggressive and imperialistic policy. George Bush’s advisers went to great lengths to distort the facts in order to tie the Saudi Arabian attackers of 9-11, to the Taliban in Afghanistan who had been created, organized and paid by the U.S., and to the ex-American employee Saddam. Government propaganda and disinformation were fabricated to falsely link Saddam to Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, and to his supposed possession of weapons of mass destruction. According to the neo-con script used by Bush’s officials for public consumption, these deadly weapons were ready to be unleashed upon the U.S. by Saddam at any moment. The American media machine enthusiastically supported this disinformation and promoted it widely to the public. In reality, Saddam hated Bin Laden and had killed off most of the followers of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and had nothing to do with the attacks of 9-11. Aware that they were on the “Axis of Evil” hit-list, North Korea and Iran moved quickly to strengthen their military forces and develop a nuclear weapons program. Therefore, Afghanistan and Iraq were then chosen for attack by the neo-cons as their military situation was much weaker. In addition, Iraq’s immense government-run oil resources were to be privatized and handed over to “friendly” U.S. and British oil companies as had been done in Iran during the Shah’s regime. United Nations representatives and International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors publicly declared to the whole world that after 18 months of systematic inspections that there was no evidence in Iraq of any chemical or weapons of mass destruction. These findings were substantiated by U.S. allies such as France and Germany who warned the U.S. to stop its impending and illogical invasion that was being
The once "useful" Saddam Hussein was quickly tried in a closed trial and hanged.
prepared against Iraq. President Obama, who was a fierce opponent of the war at the time called it “dumb” and “rash”. By 2003, President Bush and his neo-con cabinet now believed that the majority of the U.S. public had been won over to his widespread lie of existing WMD and gave the military the green light to invade despite this being a violation of international law. The swift attack and invasion of Iraq and the subsequent military occupation and fighting, would continue for over 8 years. Soon after his capture, a now discarded Saddam was quickly tried and found guilty by U.S. selected judges in a closed trial and hanged. An open and prolonged trial of Hussein would have brought out all of his sordid relationships with the U.S. and his role as a paid thug who had been on the CIA payroll since the 1950’s. Since he was no longer a useful tool and knew too much, Saddam had to be quickly silenced and eliminated. Neither weapons of mass destruction nor any Saddam connection to Bin Laden, who was also an ex-U.S. employee in Afghanistan during the 1980’s, were ever found.
These members of a secret society formed the New World Order, and then planned and carried out the 9/11 Attacks and the Global War on Terror. These men include: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and JEB Bush, and these five men, including George John Tenet, used the CIA and its resources illegally, (thus committing treason, espionage, conspiracy and mass-murder). Also resources, including agents and funding, were used from foreign powers, including the intelligence communities of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Israel and the United Kingdom. The CIA resources which were mis-used by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and JEB Bush, include a series of famous CIA Think-Tanks, established and managed from 1996-2009, to plan and carry-out the two hoaxes - - the 9/11 Attacks and the Global War on Terror. These Think-Tanks assisted George W. Bush in preparing for the Presidency of the United States, and helped him to manage the Office of the President, after Bush came to power. The CIA, together with other members of a secret society rigged the elections in the year 2000, allowing Bush to ascend to the Presidency, without winning the election. The CIA and its vast resources was also involved, illegally, in the 9/11 Attacks, and the subsequent acquisition of most of the planet's wealth, mineral and energy resources, during the Global War on Terror. They were also used to plan a secret agenda, including classism, racism and genocide, against the people of the United States, which has been implemented into the various departments, agencies and offices of the United States government, from 2000-present.
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) has no interest in "re-litigating" the costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which began under his brother's administration.
"I won't talk about the past," Bush said at a Friday press conference when asked how he would have handled the conflicts differently, according to The Washington Post. "I'll talk about the future. If I'm in the process of considering the possibility of running, it's not about re-litigating anything in the past. It's about trying to create a set of ideas and principles that will help us move forward."
The governor, who is almost certain to jump into the 2016 race, said that instead he would focus on a positive vision for the country that revolved around the future. He will elaborate on that vision when he delivers what his aides are describing as a major foreign policy address in Chicago next week.
It's unlikely Bush will be able to avoid the subject for long. Democrats are already pointing to his brother's legacy, which has left U.S. forces in the Middle East more than a decade after their initial deployment. Both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars remain unpopular -- with a 2013 poll finding majorities that said the campaigns were not worth the tremendous sacrifice. Some Republicans, too, are likely to criticize Bush over the matter. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), another would-be presidential candidate with libertarian leanings, has spoken out against false pretenses used to justify the war.
At his Friday press conference, Bush suggested that he would address current threats to America, such as the rise of the Islamic State, during his speech next week.
“We have some big, hairy, complicated things we need to fix and one of those is what the role of America is in the world to protect our safety and security, but also to promote security and peace around the world, and I think we can be a force for good," he said.
The cost of the second Iraq war in terms of lives, money and morality.
This eight-year long war and occupation that was waged on false pretenses by this small group of neo-cons who had taken control of the Pentagon and military produced horrific results. Close to one trillion dollars of taxpayers’ funds has been spent on Iraq through 2011, while $9 billion of this amount has been supposedly “lost” or unaccounted for. Another $6.6 billion designated for Iraqi reconstruction has also been “lost” or reported stolen which constitutes the largest outright theft of funds in U.S. history. Close to $2 billion was paid for services in Iraq to Halliburton or its KBR division. These are corporations tied to neo-con Dick Cheney who as Vice-president profited handsomely from this orchestrated violence against the Iraqi people. This amount also included overcharges and other questionable charges paid to these Dick Cheney “favored” companies. Another disastrous loss to taxpayers, but which profited U.S. contractors and others, was close to $2 billion
Our economy and human resources have suffered from this neo-con sponsored trillion dollar war.
worth of “lost and missing” tractors, vehicles, spare parts and 190,000 guns which included 110,000 AK-47 rifles. An additional cost to taxpayers for air-conditioning was close to $20 billion. A recent report from the group, Iraq Body Count, listed a total of 162,000 Iraqi deaths from this military misadventure of which 114,00 were civilians and children. U.S. deaths totaled 4,486 with 32,226 being seriously wounded and who will require medical attention for years to come due to the loss of limbs, psychological problems and unemployment. These long-term benefits connected to the deaths and injuries of U.S. soldiers and the traumatic and disruptive effects on their families could raise the cost of this war by an additional trillion dollars over time. The dismal lack of schools, housing, healthcare, drinking water and electricity in Iraq is now at a much lower level than before the U.S. invasion and has been worsened by the corrupt and failed U.S. reconstruction program. Meanwhile, much of the money used to finance this long and expensive war was borrowed from China and is now part of the almost $2 trillion and accrued interest owed by U.S. taxpayers to that country who use these funds to peacefully develop their booming economy. To keep this in context, this trillion dollars that was wasted in this Iraqi debacle was money drained away from our much-needed schools, health care, housing and other needed social services. If we add the recent real estate bubble and banking scandal and bailout, the working people of our country have been squeezed economically and had their standard of living drastically lowered.
For former President Bush and his neo-con clique who profited handsomely from this consciously planned violence in Iraq, we only hear silence and denial in regard to their immoral and deadly role in this tragic event that destroyed and transformed so many lives.

A glorious sacrifice or a historical, moral and human rights disaster?
The U.S. involvement in the Korean war which is called the “forgotten war”, along with the 21-year long military intervention in Vietnam and the rest of Indo-China, have been enveloped in a long-standing moral and historical denial that has resulted in leaving these events vague, confusing and devoid of facts. This results in intentionally avoiding any factual discussion and objective evaluation of the causes and effects of these conflicts whose outcomes generally turned out badly for the U.S. Added to this list of past debacles are: the military intervention and deaths of close to 300 Marines in Lebanon during the 1980’s, the invasions of Grenada and Panama, and the deadly mishap encountered by U.S. troops in Somalia and now Iraq. These events continue to be covered over as this cloak of denial glosses over the historical lessons that need to be learned from these
An Iraqi teenager in U.S. military custody is tortured with electric shocks.
military disasters and loss of lives. Politicians need to be held accountable such as Secretary of State Colin Powell who stood before the United Nations in 2002 and stated untruthfully that there was clear evidence that Saddam Hussein and Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, while Vice-President Dick Cheney publicly stated that there was”no doubt” that Iraq has chemical and biological weapons that were ready to be used against the U.S. All of this dishonest role-playing was not a mistake, but rather a consciously organized and blatant set of lies to mislead the public and wage a war of aggression that turned into a human rights disaster. Morally, this was a criminal act that was perpetuated on both Americans and Iraqis by these neo-cons who are now living comfortably from the profits gained from this destructive event. This war was not a glorious crusade for freedom and democracy as declared by the spin doctors of patriotic fairy tales. Rather, it will be judged and condemned by historians and the world as a tragic and immoral chapter in U.S. history. There are just and unjust wars, and the Iraqi war was definitely an unjust one. While not everyone was taken in by these lies in 2003, we must not allow the cause of this war and the harm that it inflicted on people’s lives to once again be side-stepped and glossed over with a cover of nationalist denial. For an objective evaluation of this war, we need to analyze the facts and have a national dialogue where people honestly ask the hard and necessary questions such as how did the majority of the public become so easily deceived by these opportunists; also, was this destructive war worth the effort, and how do we prevent this from happening again? Also, what is the attitude of the Iraqi people after all of these years of American interference in their affairs? Today, the neo-cons and majority of Republicans still believe that this war was just and have publicly demanded that U.S. troops stay in Iraq! With the end of the war, Iran is now being lined up as the next supposed enemy to be attacked. The level of fear and warmongering by government officials and the media about supposed Iranian nuclear weapons and the need to “take action” is already accelerating. U.S. policy toward Iran has been antagonistic and militarily hostile since the 1950’s and it is time to decrease the aggressive rhetoric and sit down and negotiate differences in a civilized manner. We cannot allow concepts such as freedom and democracy to be used dishonestly by politicians along with their boogeyman threats that are veiled in an opportunistic use of patriotism to once again lead us into the next war. Someone said that the best way to fight terrorism, win friends and establish peace, is by promoting justice. The country should heed this advice.
FILE - In this, April 19, 2006 file photo, President George W.Bush, left, makes a statement on the Global War on Terror, on the South Lawn at the White House...

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