Wednesday, July 27, 2016

For your sake and our sake

Do you remember the country that you admired? The one millions if not many more have been prepared to die for every day of the week? It has been taken over since WWII. At first, the Nazis who were put in positions of power started slowly and organized internally. One such person was George Scherff Sr. put in as Prescott Bush and George Scherff Jr. as George HW Bush. Genealogy shows this. Through the build up of Operation Paperclip operatives inside the US, operatives were able to build what JFK described here, "a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

"Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed." Kennedy was killed November 22, 1963. Thinking about the 53 years that have passed, this group has never been outed. What can possibly happen with subversives operating in the US for 53 years? Exactly what you see today, and probably worse if there were fewer people against them. 

This is no excuse. There is no recourse against them. There is complete complicity among world governments, who are very aware of them. Do you think they want America to succeed, or would they be more successful in authoritarianism if we failed. The complicity has a purpose, if not they would have been rooted out a long time ago. So people can complain to us, and yes it is a complete farce, and a criminal one at that, so tell other governments as I have tried to for 15 years. We need a war crimes tribunal, including 9/11/01, and it must be in the fashion of Nuremberg. I am sure Hitler did not have to agree with Nuremberg for it to be valid. Was Bush really elected in 2000, no. The Supreme Court decided our election. We have been living in a quasi occupation since then. Think about it. They, the Nazis, made their own rules and everyone is playing by them, not just us.

For your sake and our sake
Trump and the Clintons in more friendly times
Trump and the Clintons in more friendly times

The United States of America once was a bastion of freedom and Democracy and the rest of the world looked up to them with respect and hope for a better future. This is no longer the case. If anything, the USA is now regarded as a scavenging war dog to be avoided at all costs.
Do I like Trump? No. I think he is a crass, comical, dangerous joke. But seriously, America, who are you going to put into power? The Disneyland talk show host with a loony tunes hair style? Trump is still an unknown entity, and if history is anything to go by, nobody can take anything he says during a presidential election seriously. Every one of them has done the complete opposite of what they promised they were going to do once they sit in the Oval Office. They will say anything to get elected.
Or will it be the criminal Clinton, who has been a drug dealer shipping cocaine through Arkansas; a “we came we saw he died” war criminal who sells out to the highest bidder – Goldman Sachs for one and Saudi Arabia for another – and who has donated 20% of her campaign funding, and will expect to see a return on this “investment.” Another 9/11? Or just lots of mass shootings by lunatic Jihadists? If Clinton wins, there will be guaranteed fireworks in Iran and Russia. Digest that for a moment. Unlike WW1 and WW2, the Pacific and the Atlantic are no guarantee or protection from bombs falling on your heads this time.
Graphics Editor : Yanira Farray
Graphics Editor : Yanira Farray
Your vote is not only an American vote, your vote is now interfering with the rest of the world, and the rest of the world is getting angrier by the day.
Year in and year out you put these mafia, war criminals into the Congress, the Senate and the White House and remain blind to the economic, social, political and environmental havoc that they have caused, and are causing all over the world.
The Federal Reserve Bank and Wall Street robs the world blind.
The “war on terrorism” and the “war on drugs” is terrorism funded by the USA/CIA for the US oil cartels and CIA drug cartels, where cocaine from South America and heroin from Afghanistan are shipped out through NATO bases, and are decimating the youth in every country.
Civil wars, fascist dictatorships and failing that “colour revolutions,” have removed the duly elected governments and presidents of other nations who did not work in “favour of American interests” and millions have died. Your politicians think these massacres are “worth it.” When you get down to it, they are corporate-fascist US monopolistic takeovers of the resources and industries in other nations, coupled with a decimation of those countries’ populations.
The mass graves are still being found
The mass graves are still being found
This is not capitalism by any manner or means, and does not have checks and balances against hegemonic, corporate-colonial control.
Ukraine, being only a recent example, handed over their farms to US GMO corporations, their land for Hunter Biden’s fracking industry and their gold reserves to the CIA in black helicopters in the middle of the night. And then there has been an orgy of organ harvesting during the civil war. Do you know anyone who has had an organ transplant lately? Doesn’t it strike you that there is something very wrong with this picture?
Fracking and GMO are only two examples of destroying the environment, poisoning populations with food and robbing them through patents on seeds, plants and livestock that deny other countries food independence and force them to pay out a third-party for all farm produce. But then if you protest against this theft, you are branded a “communist” and anti-capitalist. Corporate GMO farming in the hands of a few companies is not capitalist, it has more in common with communism; expect ownership is not controlled by the state, but a handful of corporations. Either way, you are a slave to their machinations.
As a general rule of thumb as to whom not to put in power, take a look at the names on the list of anyone and everyone who attends Bohemian Grove.

All US politicians, industrialists and bankers attend this free for all, with mock ( though some say otherwise) human sacrifice rituals and homosexual prostitutes on tap, so that everyone can have a “good time.”
Then there is Skull and Bones. Think about it. American politicians who lie down in a coffin and wank at the same time telling a host of others, who stand by and watch, all about their sex-capades. I mean… get a grip!
Have Americans stooped so low that they think this kind of behaviour is “normal” and “acceptable” in their leaders? And yet in any election, Americans get caught up in the Donkey/ Elephant paradigm and forget that both sides are playing you all for fools, and you vote these mentally unbalanced people back into power again and again and again, believing that your team won! They all answer to the Council On Foreign Relations — the rest is only for your entertainment, and boy is Trump entertaining! Get a load of his wife… some people will vote for him just to see her in the White House and on the cover of every magazine. Clothed this time.
Take a look at who attends the Bilderberg group. Every US president is vetted by them, and only by their say so, is approved. Not by you. Voter rigging takes care of the rest.
Take a look at Goldman Sachs and anyone who works for them, or who has been affiliated with them and funds your politicians.

Goldman was one of the major donors, or should we rather say “bribers” who contributed towards “fast track” in order to get the TPP rolling. This will not only affect Americans, but every single country who signs it, including European countries with the equivalent of the TTIP. In brief, this is what it is, and it is coming out of your stable:
The TPP and the TTIP override the National Sovereignty of any country who signs them, the Constitution of any country, their Constitutional law courts and any laws that any government may or may not make regarding health regulations, minimum wage regulations or environmental requirements. Far from being Capitalism with checks and balances restricting monopolies, it is a form of Corporate Fascist hegemonic colonialism and Corporate Empire building, eliminating all competition in the interests of a small handful of international corporate monopolies. This would of course be totally destructive to private small, medium and large business enterprise, as well as to government enterprises.
For over 50 years, Americans have supported these people and voted them into power. At some point, each and every American will have to take personal responsibility for US policies around the world. And Putin’s “idiots” are now it, where Mocking Bird Media likes to put the blame, projecting their own faults onto others, which they have developed into a fine art.
At some point, the chickens will come home to roost.

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